Get more out of your monitoring tool

In the past couple of weeks we have shared our vision on monitoring with you. We’ve done so by discussing the use and benefits of monitoring from different perspectives. Let’s say you have arrived at the point that you seriously consider buying a monitoring tool. Then the next step is to find that one supplier that makes all promises come true, right?

Well, not exactly. There is more to it. Sure, you should make a shortlist of potential suppliers and weigh up the pros and cons of each tool. But when you do, it is important to also consider HOW you are going to use the software. The thing is that you can get even more out of your tool if you can call in monitoring experts at any time.

NetDialog experts, for instance, can help you set up the tool to suit your specific needs and purposes. And what to think of future changes and extensions. Your network is not a static thing. Suppose you introduce a new application which has to be monitored, but has not yet been incorporated into your tool.

NetDialog experts have at least 15 years’ experience in providing support to its customer base, from installation to implementation and deployment, throughout the product lifetime. And that’s not all. NetDialog offers periodic network health scans to its customers and partners.

You see? Picking a tool is one thing. Getting the most out of it is another. 

Find out why you should take monitoring seriously and how your organization can turn it into a key asset. In this e-paper, we’ll provide you with comprehensive insights and hand you some valuable tips and tricks.

E-paper The Power of Monitoring
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