High demands on the network

Your IT department has probably carefully considered what amount of bandwidth it needed for everyday operations and, based on these considerations, made agreements with the network service provider. But not everything is predictable.

What if that important application needs to be updated much more often than expected? If the exchange of data between two office locations requires much more bandwidth than expected? And what if one of your employees downloads large videos? A system overload can lead to interruptions. What happens at one place, affects the other.

This demands overview. The more complex the organization, however, the more difficult it is to maintain that overview. That makes monitoring indispensable. With monitoring, all peaks in use can be traced down to the root. And what is traceable, is changeable.  And changes may prevent delays in work.

Makes sense, right?

NetDialog’s flagship product NetX helps enterprises to get complete visibility and control of their applications across their WANs and private cloud environments.

In this e-paper, we’ll explain what you can do with monitoring, provide you with comprehensive insights and hand you some valuable tips and tricks.