Monitoring might save your face

Are you an experienced IT professional in charge of support? Then, troubleshooting problems is key to your job and you will probably solve 90% of the problems in no time, making you the hero of the day. Good for you! But what about the other 10%?

Admit it; there is a category of problems you dread. These are the problems that need fixing right away, have a potentially huge impact on the business but cannot be traced to some root cause. So what do you do if your manager is at your desk, begging you to fix a problem with a video conference the executive board is having?

Of course, you could buy time by saying things like:

‘Let me come with you and see what I can do.’ Or you could fob him off with some lousy excuse, like: ‘That’s not our fault’. Alas, that is the last thing you should say to a stressed-out manager.

Had you known about monitoring, your answer could have been:

‘Let me check the graphs and tackle the problem for you.’ In the meantime, your dashboard would have shown exactly which application or ip address caused the problem, leaving you only to take appropriate actions.

So do yourself a favor and let a monitoring tool do the dirty work for you!

Find out why you should take monitoring seriously and how your organization can turn it into a key asset. In this e-paper, we’ll provide you with comprehensive insights and hand you some valuable tips and tricks.

E-paper The Power of Monitoring
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