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NetDialog Academy builds talent

Figured out already why you want to work for us? Whatever your reason to choose us as your next employer, we think that we should offer something in return. And that something should be something real, not just great coffee.

We think that it is only natural to offer a good salary, a decent benefits package and a pleasant working environment. At NetDialog, we see a future in store for you and we aim for your personal development. We like to see you grow. It means that we can grow as a team.

Internal Study Program

“Our professionals are the basis of our organization. To ensure that they can develop as an individual and in a team, we focus on talent development,” Kim van Ekris, HR & Finance Director of NetDialog says. With that thought in mind she started the NetDialog Academy last year.

The NetDialog Academy is an internal study program where employee development is central.

Van Ekris: “Being responsible for HR, I have a dream for the future when it comes to talent building. Where exactly does someone add most value and how can we make people outperform themselves in projects? To answer these questions, we need to gain a comprehensive insight into the driving forces and talents of people. What makes them tick and what precisely are they good at?”.

Wish to join NetDialog?

NetDialog offers you the opportunity to grow on a personal and professional level. At the academy, you can develop your knowledge and skills relating to your function, personal interests and ambitions, in your own way.

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“At NetDialog, we offer our employees a learning working environment in which motivation is key,” Van Ekris says. “Since growth starts with motivated people.”
Kim van Ekris – HR Manager