Top 10 Reasons to Embrace Monitoring

Why choose a monitoring tool when your ICT network is running fine? Well, check out the top ten reasons below. It’ll make sense when you read it.

1. Valuable insight in network load

Monitoring will provide you with detailed information about the network load, like where and when it is excessively high. This allows you to take measures before problems can even arise.

2. Exact pinpointing of bottlenecks

With monitoring, you will know exactly what the problem is and where it can be traced to, for instance an application or an IP address causing peak loads.

3. Quick problem-solving

Early identification of a problem means that you can solve the problem fast. For instance, if a back-up operation is causing performance problems at a specific location, this will immediately become visible and measures can be taken straightaway.

4. Enhanced quality of applications and network

Monitoring gives answers to important questions like ‘How is the quality of the traffic running over the network?’ and ‘Are data getting lost?’ The answers to these questions allow you to enhance the quality of the individual applications and of the network as a whole.

5. Manageable network

Monitoring can reveal applications that take up too much bandwidth but are rarely used. By taking appropriate cleanup actions, even the most demanding networks and data centers remain manageable.

6. Storage of data for trend analysis

To pinpoint problems, you will want to be able to recover data to the minute. To uncover patterns, you will also want to see monthly data. Monitoring tools allow you to discover trends for both short and long periods.

7. Clear presentation of data

Monitoring tools can present information in an easy-to-understand manner, on a central and uniform dashboard, showing data of different types of devices in one view and with easy-to-interpret statistics.

8. Ensured revenues

If your web shop or booking site is not available because of a network interruption, customers will hop to another website and valuable time will be wasted. Monitoring tools have the potential to prevent interruptions and to save you money.

9. Satisfied staff

With monitoring, your people will no longer have to wait for ages for downloads and there will be fewer interruptions of online communications. If the network operates smoothly, so will the organization. Your staff will thank you for it.

10. Happy helpdesk

Without monitoring, the solution to a problem may seem miles away. If your support people cannot trace a problem to its source, your helpdesk will pay the price. With monitoring it is the other way around.

How about embracing monitoring? You won’t regret it.

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