Unforeseen performance issues can severely impact business processes

Unparalleled visibility into application and user behavior with NetX for PacketShaper

The IT landscape is continuously changing, as is the way in which enterprises and users interact and transact online. This puts high pressure on network infrastructure and application performance.

To cope with growing network traffic and an ever-increasing number of applications, organizations acquire increasing levels of bandwidth. For these organizations, it is essential to understand what is happening on their network.

Many enterprises have limited insight into the behavior of mission-critical applications running on their network. Unforeseen application performance issues can severely impact business processes, and typical device-centric reports do not offer what the organization really needs: a business-oriented view of application performance across the entire infrastructure.

It is exactly this view that empowers enterprises to securely monitor, analyze and optimize application performance across an infrastructure.

“The average cost of a network outage is $7,793 per minute. When the network is down or impaired, minutes matter. This is especially important as global IP traffic levels will triple from 72.5 EB per month to 194.4 EB per month in 2020.”

 (Source: Ponemon Institute)

With NetDialog’s NetX, the new standard for central reporting on Symantec PacketShaper solutions, enterprises get unparalleled visibility into application and user behavior.

Using application information and network traffic telemetries collected from the PacketShaper, NetX monitors and reports the quality of application delivery and network performance status in real time.

Equipped with this information, network administrators can continuously manage and improve network efficiency in order to achieve the desired performance goals.

Best Central Reporting Solution

“In the last ten years, NetX has proven to be the best central reporting solution for PacketShaper solutions,” says Olaf Hasker, CEO of NetDialog. “NetX is a proven monitoring tool, which effectively meets the demand for innovative functions, improved performance, scalability and sustainability.“

As a result, NetDialog has become a member of the Symantec TIP Program ecosystem. “We’re excited to have NetDialog join our ecosystem and further provide our customers with a great tool to help manage their application performance and end-user experience,” says Peter Doggart of Symantec.

“Whenever we onboard a new partner we look for that special value creation factor, and I’m pleased to say that this partnership has that! By effectively leveraging our PacketShaper technology, NetDialog with NetX deliver incredible cost effective and powerful network visibility for the business.”

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