NetX 5.1

The long-awaited update of NetDialog’s Visibility Software NetX is out!
The update offers new features, improved performance, configurable dashboards, new user interface fonts and much more.

Add more value to data with NetX

  • Increased performance
  • More details on specific traffic
  • Intuitive and easy selection of links
  • Configurable dashboards
  • New fonts for user interface and reports
  • Improved security
  • Support of more technologies
  • SD-WAN insights
  • Single sign-in to facilitate login


The fully integrated multi-tenant asset management system for service providers makes it far easier to automate operation of NetX, further enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Thanks to the cluster architecture and the multi-tenant, high-available, load-balanced agents, implementing a scalable NetX solution is now a piece of cake. Start small and expand easily as your needs evolve.

Integration of SD-WAN in NetX facilitates monitoring of hybrid networks and troubleshooting the network with just one (and the same) tool. Fully user-adjustable dashboards allow for a unique look and feel for each user.

Now also available in NetX:

Juniper RPM, VeloCloud and SilverPeak SD-WAN, ASN support and SFLOW.

>  NetX Networked Application Visibility

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  • NetX reduces the risk of network and application failures
  • NetX identifies who or what is consuming most of the bandwidth
  • NetX shows up-to-the-minute analytical information
  • NetX supports multiple technologies

Watch the promo and see what you can expect with NetX 5.1!